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Croatian Raiffeisen Group Members Received Eight 'Zlatni udjel' Awards

Zagreb, July 6, 2006 – The jury of ''Zlatna dionica'' and ''Zlatni udjel'' for the year 2005 awarded a total of eight awards to members of the Raiffeisen Group: for the second year in a row the investment company Raiffeisen Invest was proclaimed the best investment fund management company in Croatia, and the company also won the awards for the following funds: Raiffeisen Balanced, Raiffeisen Bonds and Raiffeisen Cash which were proclaimed the best funds in their categories. The Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company Ltd. was proclaimed the best company, and they also won in the category for the best open voluntary pension fund in Croatia (Raiffeisen) and the best closed voluntary pension fund (Croatian Medical Union). For the second consecutive year the Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund, managed by the Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund Management Company Ltd., was proclaimed the best mandatory pension fund in Croatia.

At the award ceremony held today in Zagreb the Chairman of the Raiffeisen Invest Board, Hrvoje Fajdetić, pointed out that in 2004 operating of Invest was good but that the past year was even better. ''We surpassed all previous years: we realised attractive revenues in all categories, and assets of all our funds exceeded two billion kuna. Such a result is the fruit of great effort and knowledge of our employees, but also of the Raiffeisen Group support – which is one of the best groups in Croatia''. Raiffeisen Invest plans to further cultivate the values that distinguish it, primarily their attention to attractive profit, and contribute to the capital market development.

The Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company Ltd. (RDMD) was the first company registered to manage voluntary pension funds in the country, and for the nearly 20.000 members of the open fund in the past year the yield was 7.23 percent. The Chairwoman of the RDMD Board, Renata Kašnjar-Putar, said that at the end of last year assets of the open voluntary fund were 124 million kuna which makes 60 percent of total net assets of open voluntary pension funds in Croatia. ''With regard to realised profit, the closed voluntary pension funds we manage also stand out: Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatian Medical Union and Croatian Journalists' Association. In 2005 more than 7 million kuna of government incentive was paid to the accounts of voluntary pension funds members '' – added Kašnjar-Putar.

The Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund (ROMF) has been among the leading funds in the country from their establishment, and every third insured person in Croatia is a member of the very ROMF. In the past year the Fund earned almost 300 million kuna for their members, and great importance is given to risk management. Therefore, as of last year, among the first in the market, the ROMF has started using derivatives to protect the fund assets. On the occassion the Chairman of the Company Board, Damir Grbavac, pointed out the importance of the trust given to them by their members. ''The achieved results represent a joint success of all members and of our expert team. For second year running the Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund realised the highest revenues of all mandatory pension funds; last year it was 9.56 percent, which is significantly higher than the industry average'' said Grbavac.

The selection fo the best shares and investment funds in the Croatian capital market was held for the ninth year in a row, and organizers of this year's «Golden Share» were Jutarnji list, Poslovni klub – a Croatian radio-television program, the Kapital klub company. Data and calculations for the selection of the best shares were made by the Zagreb Stock Market which was a co-organizer of this election. The aim of the manifestation was to contribute to the capital market in Croatia and give a recognition to the stock companies that record the best results in the Croatian capital markets during the year. 
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